Magic World Dubai

The storyline for the park was based on a myth created exclusively for the project. It describes a fiery ball falling from the dark heavens and crashing into a forgotten region of the Dubian desert. The impact of the meteorite caused a vast crater to form. After the ash had settled and many years passed, life began to spring from this once barren land at the bottom of the crater. Jungles formed, waterfalls crashed from towering crater walls, and a great ring of water encircled the new landform. The sands and sky began to glisten with life… but not ordinary life… for the changes were somewhat startling and certainly magical. Various small and curious creatures settled into what became four unique villages within the crater: Legend Lagoon, Ancient Village, Dino Canyon, and Techtown. These fantasy based villages became the distinctive entertainment zones that organized this full-scale Middle Eastern theme park concept.

The park was divided into six theme areas, combining 11 rides, 10 attractions, 21 restaurants and 12 merchandise outlets in a circular plan around an island and a central body of water.As “Program Strategist” I provided overall master planning for the design and construction of the park for International Bechtel Corporation and Spectra FX. The project was completed to 90% design, but then there was a “falling out” between Bechtel and the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed. The project was put on hold and to this date has not been done. Too bad because it was a very cool design for a very hot place!


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Sunday, March 20th, 2011
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Wow during my time in Dubai I remember this planned theme park in the Aweer area of Dubai, but this plan never went forward and another big incomplete housing development called the Lagoons took place.

October 19th, 2012
Melwyn Miranda

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